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Edward Taylor Fairbanks, The city off St

Edward Taylor Fairbanks, The city off St

Rev. Francis W. McPeek, “Lecture twenty-six – The latest Character out-of Spiritual Regulators in the Trreatment of Inebriety in the usa, Liquor, Research and you will Area, 1945, 406-411.

D. Samuel Hopkins Hadley, Off within the water Highway: A story away from Sixteen Many years Lifestyle and you will Are employed in Water Highway Mission: A sequel to the Longevity of Jerry McAuley, letter

John R. Clements, The newest Francis Age. Clark Year-book: Some Life style Sentences Regarding Address, Guides, and you will Magazine Posts because of the Inventor of one’s More youthful People’s Society regarding Christian Procedure,

[From inside the Lecture twenty six, quoted lower than, Rev. Mc Peek says: “Much work is done in the metropolis objectives and particularly because of the the new Salvation Army Ballarat hookup sites free. . . . Generally. The newest Salvationists has actually capitalized for a passing fancy processes which have generated most other change software functions: (1) Insistence into full abstinence. (2) reliance on God. (3) brand new provision of brand new friendships among those who understand. (4) the opportunity to work with people that have problems with an equivalent issue. (5) unruffled persistence and you can consistent faith from the feature of the individual while the stamina off Goodness to accomplish the mandatory ends.” 414-415]

Rev. Francis W. Mc Peek, “Lecture twenty six – The latest Role off Spiritual Bodies throughout the Remedy for Inebriety from inside the the usa,” Alcoholic beverages, Technology and Community, 1945, 403-418. (more…)

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