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Sail over to sea and do something new

Sail over to sea and do something new

“If brevity may be the soul of wit, your penis needs to be a riot.” — Donna Gephart (“The Wicked Little publication of prices”)

“He tried to tell me I was also upset, but that usually hit me personally as actually more about your than about me personally. And I also believe it threatens many while you are angry but further so when you really have a very good reason for it.” — Janet Eldred

“Housewife: one that is much more married to a house rather than the guy she once think it had been all about.” — Anon.

“i’ve however to listen to a person inquire about advice on how exactly to merge relationship and a career” — Gloria Steinem

“Just remember, while you are choosing a more youthful model, make sure you is picking up a zippy small sportscar rather than a Volvo.” — Henrietta

“never ever assess a man of the size of their dick, but instead of the power of their spine that connects their head to their butt.” — Sandra

“A ship in slot is safe, but that’s not what boats are designed for. ” — Rear Admiral Dr. Sophistication Murray Hopper

“You’re sweet, and you are young; neither tend to be traits that I hold in high respect.” — Mina Harker to Tom Sawyer for the flick “category of Extraordinary Gentlemen”

“we’re te their parent, your own siblings, their brothers, the school, the teachers–you can blame anybody, but never blame yourself. Its never ever their error. (more…)

Posted on March 11, 2022