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Gay hookup application Grindr condemns outing of the market leading people priest exactly who used it

Gay hookup application Grindr condemns outing of the market leading people priest exactly who used it

(LifeSiteNews) Grindr, the homosexual hookup application that serves to improve anonymous homosexual activities, condemned the Catholic publication The Pillar for outing one of their customers, the now-former Secretary General from the United States summit of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) Monsignor Jeffrey Burrill, which apparently a€?engaged in serial intimate misconduct.a€?

In comments made ever since the bombshell study from the Pillar had been released Tuesday, Grindr attemptedto deny that unknown client information they ended up selling might have resulted in the unmasking of Burrill while also condemning the examination as a€?homophobic and packed with unsubstantiated inuendo.a€?

According to research by the Pillar report, Grindr had been the foundation of a trove of commercially available data they got bought that a specialist was then able to link to a mobile device employed by Burrill, revealing that he a€?visited homosexual pubs and personal residences when using a location-based hookup software in several cities from 2018 to 2020, whilst touring on project for the U.S. bishops discussion.a€?

The alleged stealth homosexual activity by Burrill is particularly troubling caused by his strong role from the USCCB directing diocesan and conference responses to clerical sexual scandals.

In a VICE post headlined a€?The inescapable Weaponization of App Data Is Here,a€? a Grindr 100 free hookup couples apps for android representative advised habits tech-centered a€?Motherboarda€? mass media route:

Nearly prophetically, Norwegian government said at the time that Grindr users maybe focused using this type of details in countries in which homosexuality is actually illegal

Grindr’s responses is aligned using the article facts released from the Arizona article which defines the initial post through the Pillar as homophobic and filled with unsubstantiated innuendo. (more…)

Posted on March 11, 2022